Making a difference

KPMG Future Leader Morgan Mackenzie Joseph steps up for her community

Morgan Mackenzie Joseph is making a difference.

A few years ago while still in high school, Morgan, currently a freshman at Duke University and a member of the KPMG Future Leaders Program’s Class of 2019, established her own non-profit organization, The Empowerment Hub. The Empowerment Hub was designed to address the gap in opportunities and resources for children in her native Harlem, NY community. Through trips to local museums, free coding classes and financial literacy workshops, the program was creating impactful experiences for its participants.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Morgan realized she had an opportunity to take The Empowerment Hub in a slightly different direction, and began offering a free online tutoring program for K-12 students, which provides educational support and access to academic resources. The program currently has more than 40 tutors, including a few members of the KPMG Future Leaders Program Class of 2019, and 60 students participating daily. The numbers continue to grow on a weekly basis, with Morgan receiving countless messages of gratitude from parents whose children are receiving much needed support.

KPMG is proud of the commitment that Morgan and her fellow KPMG Future Leaders continue to show to their communities and education.